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    Swissport and South African Airways sign major five-year agreement covering six airports


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    Swissport and South African Airways sign major five-year agreement covering six airports

    Post  Admin on Thu Dec 18, 2008 11:40 am

    Johannesburg/Zurich, December 18th, 2008 - Swissport International,
    the world's leading provider of airport ground services to the
    aviation sector, has concluded a multi-year collaboration agreement
    with South African Airways. Under the new accord, Swissport will
    provide ground handling services for some 60 000 flights a year of
    South Africa's national carrier at Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban,
    Port Elizabeth, East London and George airports. The agreement, which
    will run from 2009 to 2014, confirms and further strengthens the
    partners' strong business ties.

    Africa is becoming an increasingly important component in Swissport's
    global operations. The world leader in the airport ground handling
    field is already active at 16 stations in seven African countries.
    And Swissport is also well represented in South Africa, whose status
    as a strong industrial nation is set for further growth. Swissport
    and its 1800 local personnel already handle the entire 58-aircraft
    South African Airways (SAA) fleet at the carrier's home base. And SAA
    will now be entrusting all its ground services - for over 5 000
    flights a month - to Swissport's care for a five-year period from
    February 1, 2009.

    "We're pleased and proud to receive such a vote of confidence in our
    services," says Willy Hallauer, CEO of Swissport South Africa. "We've
    clearly been able to convince SAA over the past few months that we're
    an excellent partner for them in quality, flexibility and reliability
    terms. We've made tangible progress on other fronts, too:
    in safety and security, with our 'zero tolerance' project, and
    through innovations in areas like our baggage handling processes. And
    I'm delighted we'll now be working even more closely with our local
    home carrier."

    SAA CEO Khaya Ngquala says that Swissport has proven its abilities
    over the past year during which the ground handling firm has been
    working with the Airline. "One of SAA's key restructuring goals is to
    improve customer service and on-time-performance. We need a world
    class ground handling firm to help us achieve this," he says.

    Swissport South Africa has been expanding substantially since July of
    this year, when, after an extensive tender process, it won licences
    from Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) to provide ground services
    at ten of the country's airports for a five-year period. Swissport
    has also invested several million US dollars in equipment and
    infrastructure over the past few months, to meet the needs of its
    existing ground handling customers even better than before.

    Swissport International Ltd., which is owned by Ferrovial, a leading
    European infrastructure and service corporation based in Spain,
    provides ground services for over 70 million passengers and 3.2
    million tonnes of cargo a year on behalf of some 650 client
    companies. With its workforce of around 30 000 personnel, Swissport
    is active at 183 airports in 42 countries on five continents, and
    generated consolidated operating revenue of CHF 1.9 billion (EUR 1.3
    billion or USD 1.8 billion) last year. /

    South African Airways (SAA) is one of the leading carriers on the
    African continent,
    Consistently receiving the accolade of Best African Airline. Its
    vision is to be an African airline
    with global reach. The airline is one of the oldest in the world,
    having reached the grand age of 74 years.
    It is solely owned by the South African Government and falls under
    the Department of Public Enterprises.
    In 2007/08, SAA flew more than 7,4-million passengers and had a
    workforce of 8 227 people.
    SAA joined the world's largest global airline network, Star Alliance
    on 10 April 2006.
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    Re: Swissport and South African Airways sign major five-year agreement covering six airports

    Post  sesuna on Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:37 pm

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    Re: Swissport and South African Airways sign major five-year agreement covering six airports

    Post  kangyuta on Mon May 17, 2010 11:08 pm

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    Re: Swissport and South African Airways sign major five-year agreement covering six airports

    Post  jonusb on Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:25 am

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    Re: Swissport and South African Airways sign major five-year agreement covering six airports

    Post  fanky on Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:39 am

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    Re: Swissport and South African Airways sign major five-year agreement covering six airports

    Post  forland on Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:29 am

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    Re: Swissport and South African Airways sign major five-year agreement covering six airports

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